SV10 HID 250W

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SV10 HID 250W Expand


CERina  Lloyds

250 watt metal halide lamp underwater light for fiberglass hulls

AC powered, 230V

USCG ignition protected

Please view the PDF document  under 'download' for technical specification

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The Sea Vision SV10 model offers the largest aperture of all the fiberglass models giving maximum light output from the 250 watt metal halide lamp. It can be installed in the transom or the hull and is suitable for boats with 110-230 volt AC power, including sportfish, yachts and cruisers.  The vessel must be hauled out for installation although lamp change and any maintenance can be done in the water from within the hull.


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LED underwater light for fibreglass or wooden hulls

DC powered, 12 or 24Vdc

Available in blue or white

3484 Lumens at 6500 Kelvin

Please view the PDF document  under 'download' for technical specification

Sea Vision manufactures a wide range of underwater and deck lights for all size vessels and hull materials, including aluminium, steel, wood and fibre-glass. We utilise HID, LED and halogen lamp technologies.
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